Saturday, August 28, 2010

confessions of a 26 year old shopaholic


I told myself that I would never buy jeggings.  And I did today.  After I told myself (last year) that I would never buy skinny jeans.  And I did and currently have 2 pairs of those.  So I have 2 pairs of skinny jeans and 1 pair of jeggings.

Next I told myself that I hated those bootie high heels.  And I bought some of those today as well.

To make things even worse:  I put them on together.  And they look great as an outfit.

I just need to buy a shirt to wear with them.  Now what is a shirt that I told myself that I would never buy...?

Friday, August 27, 2010

lucky #5

For almost 2 years, I have been struggling to get good sleep again.  It just hasn't come easy.  There are several factors for this, but the #1 is the MATTRESS.  As I previously reported, mattress #4 made its appearance at our house and left in a quick fashion.  It spent roughly 4 weeks at house before making its leaves of absense last night. 

Not even 5 minutes after the delivery guys left, we noticed several stains on the brand new mattress.  GROSS!  I don't even feel like going into the round and round conversations that we had with Mattress Firm about receiving a new mattress.  I am just thankful we now have a STAIN-FREE mattress.

Not only is it stain-free, but it is SUPER firm.  In fact, it is the firmest matress they sell.  It is h-e-a-v-e-n!  I am pretty sure the mattress episode is over.  I have definitely met my sleeping match and we will sleep happily ever after.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 day shred

The end of May has come and gone and sadly I did not meet my resolution goal.  I got down 6 pounds, but the last 4 were extremely hard to lose.  Basically I just gave up.  In the meantime, I have gained 4 back so I am still net 2 for the year.  Some people think that is a win, but for me it is a complete fail.  I am on track for gaining the 2 back plus more before the end of the year.  Then I will be back to where I started the first of the year.  It's time for a change...

For the past few weeks, my co-worker, Erika, has been saying she wanted to lose some weight.  Her birthday and a beach trip are coming up so she wanted to use those events as motivation.  She brought a couple of her work-out dvd's to work yesterday to show us just how intense they are.  After seeing The Biggest Loser workout, I set my eyes on the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels:  20 minute workouts everyday.  Not too bad, I thought.  So we decided to start the dvd together; a buddy system really is the best way to go.  We set our start date for tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd. 

I have to confess, though, I started it today.  I have been SUPERLY lazy tired recently and I know it's from not proper exercise.  I hope that my workout today will help my sleeping tonight to improve.  I know that I slept great during the first half of the year.  It has to be the workout! 

We will see where this takes me.  I am not setting a goal of "I want to lose this amount of weight" or "I want to wear this size clothing".  I simply want to do the 30 Day Shred and take a look at the results afterwards.  This is my pressure-free work-out routine.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 backyard makeover

When we moved into our house last May, Daniel had a vision for both the front and back yards.  His front yard vision was simple compared to the back yard.  His goal was to remove the bradford pear in the front.  He did that with flying colors and ease.

The biggest project we knew buying our house was the backyard.  There was nothing wonderful about it except that it was a decent size and fenced in.  There was good bones about it, but Daniel talked about how much there was to dig up and replant. 

And boy, was there!  My intentions were to help with as much of the makeover as I could.  I am happy to say that I contributed one day's worth of work by digging up rocks.  I have never seen so many rocks on all my life!  I would have to say that we had close to 1000 rocks in and buried in the yard.  Obviously I couldn't dig them all up so Daniel did about half of the rocks digging as well.  Then my part was done.

Daniel exploded on the scenes with his digging up plants and planting new ones in their place.  He made several really nice beds for the new plants around the yard.  Two of the beds are against the house and are lined with brick pavers.  They look fantastic!

The hardest and most stressful part of the makeover was deciding on the pavers for our patio extention.  We wanted something that wouldn't look janky, but also didn't want something that was too expensive.  We had already unloaded hundreds of dollars from our wallets and I was looking to save as much as I could.  After many weeks of researching and comparing, we decided on plain gray pavers.  They were less than half of the fancy ones we had originally picked out and we still have plans to paint the them along with the original patio.

After deciding on the pavers, Daniel went to town on laying them.  I must say that Daniel surprised me with his paver-laying abilities.  He spent several hours watching video after video about how to lay pavers and the materials needed to do so.  He laid them all down within a few days' time.  And they look great!  I hope our next house is already landscaped and beautiful, because this was a very stressful project.

Before Pictures
left corner of yard

right corner of yard

back of the house

left front corner of yard

After Pictures
left corner of yard

right corner of yard

back of the house
part one of the patio extention

back of the house
part two of the patio extention

the new and improved back of the house