Monday, March 16, 2009

it's a boy

God works in mysterious ways and after seeing at least a dozen news segments about how overpopulated animal shelters are, Daniel and I became the proud parents of a boxer puppy. We have been talking about getting another dog...a bigger one...once we had moved into a house. Obviously we couldn't wait that long because we fell in love with a (around) 4 month old boxer mix. Here's the story...

Jackson had a grooming appointment at PetSmart on Saturday. Daniel dropped him off and caught a glimpse of the Humane Society pups on the way out. He wasted no time telling me that the dog that he wanted was at PetSmart. He wanted to go look at him (mistake number one). I told him that we could NOT get a dog until after we bought a house. Once we got there and opened the cage (mistake number two), Jacob (the boxer pup's name at the time) crawled up into my lap and snuggled his head into my jacket. I immediately fell in love with him and couldn't imagine putting him back in the cage and leaving him. Our next step was to see how Jackson would react to him. I didn't want Jackson to hate him, because there would be no point in even adopting the little guy. Once Jackson had finished getting groomed, he met his future little brother. he didn't seem to care either way and was ready to get the **** out of there and go home. (He tends to get stressed out in those situations.) Since Jackson didn't seem to care either way, we decided this was something that we needed to do.

Granted it seems ridiculous having 2 dogs in an apartment for the time being, but it really hasn't been that bad. We decided to name him Tyson after Mike Tyson, the boxer. It seems to fit him well, and I think he likes it. He snuggles up to me at night while Jackson snuggles with Daniel. I think all in all it will work out well. I am excited to see what his personality will be. He is already precious. I am glad that Jackson has a little (big) brother that he can play with.

Could you resist this face?

Tyson and Jackon in his HUGE box.

Tyson loves his big brother, Jackson.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

in like a lion

I think I say this every time I blog, but not too much has been happening. The snow a couple of weekends ago was a nice break of the everyday apartment living. We were able to go outside for a few minutes with Jackson who frankly was a little scared of it at first. Then he LOVED being in the snow and peeing and pooping every chance he could. This might have been his first "big" snow! I think he was glad to see it leave though. He doesn't like being wet.

Jackson in the snow

Leslie and Jackson 3/1/09

Daniel and Jackson 3/1/09