Friday, April 22, 2011

Amy Cornwell Jewelry-$50 GC TODAY ONLY!

I am IN LOVE with some new jewelry:  Amy Cornwell Jewelry.  Her design is simple, elegant, and vintage.  Those are my favorite descriptive words when it comes to jewelry.

Check out the Captured Necklace.  How bad do I want this necklace?  REALLY bad!  And what about the True Love Ring?  LOVE it too! 

Today ONLY over at The Bird's Party Blog, there is a $50 gift card up for grabs!!!!!  I want it so bad that you have no idea.  The details are here so check it out and leave some comments.  If you aren't crazy about her jewelry, then leave comments any way and try to win the $50 gift card for me. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

3 from 30

I don't know why "3 from 30" scares me so bad.  I guess it's mainly because I don't feel like I should be 27 years of age.  I still see myself as a 16/17 year old living at home with Mom, Dad, and Sissy.  Those days are far from over now.  I have been living on my own for a few years now and paying my own bills since graduating from college in 2006.  Still it feels like time is at a stand still even though the clock keeps ticking.

My 27th birthday turned out to be a great one.  Daniel always makes my birthdays so special.  He even puts up with my week-long celebration.

with my special cake and bday flowers from Daniel

Thanks to everyone who made and always makes my birthdays something to remember especially Daniel.