Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome to the American Dream

As of 7 PM on Tuesday, May 26th, Daniel and I became homeowners. It's still hard to imagine that we have accomplished our first married goal.

This past weekend was one heck of a weekend between painting, cleaning, and moving. I don't think I could ever relive this past weekend again, because it has worn me out! I am so thankful for our family especially our dads who worked several hours a day all weekend long to make sure their kids were taken care of. It was really neat to see how each dad would switch off between working really late and getting up extra early to paint. Paul, Daniel's dad, probably could have worked through the night while my dad woke up at his usual time (around 5:30) and started the day by painting.

Saturday and Sunday nights Dad spent the night with Daniel and me at the house. It was kinda odd to have him wake us up on Sunday morning so he could finish touching up in our bathroom before the brown paint dried. I think secretly he misses waiting me up on the weekends. I am sure that is really why he did it.

With all of the help that we had, we were able to complete the painting of each room by Monday afternoon. Painting an entire house in less than 3 days is pretty impressive. Thanks to everyone's hard work! We seriously couldn't have done it without you!

Now that we are living there fulltime, it is really nice. The dogs LOVE it especially Tyson. He found a pair of tennis shoes from the previous owner in the backyard so he is having a blast eating those everytime he goes outside. He also loves to run as fast as he can from one side of the yard to the next. You can look out the window and see a bolt of brown zoom by!

Jackson loves the new house too. He is enjoying the inside more than Tyson is. As soon as Jackson is finished with his business outside, he will sit patiently by the backdoor until he is let in. He has no desire to be left outside longer than it takes for him to poop and pee. However he does like the freedom to go as he pleases.

We have made a few trips from the apartment to the house so we didn't need to hire help. We have moved all of the furniture and have about 1 to 2 more loads left at the apartment. We have made serious progress, but it takes times cleaning and organizing. When we complete the process, I will post pictures of the final outcome.