Tuesday, August 25, 2009

muddy pawprints

It's hard for me not to take pride in our beautiful home. Of course (as I am sure some of you predicted), I manage to try and keep a clean (well, rather straightened up) house. That doesn't always happen between 2 dogs, Daniel, and even myself (but only sometimes!). It's rough living with 3 boys!

A few weeks ago, I was trying to leave for work and doing the last task before heading out the door: get the dogs in and put them in their boxes. As I walked to the back door I see Tyson covered in mud. And he had managed to get mud all over the door and Jackson. (Poor Jackson! he was an innocent bystander.) I rushed to get a towel to attempt to clean up some of the mud, but I failed...MISERABLY! Tyson frolicked and jumped all over the carpet, turning our beige carpet to chocolate brown.

There was no time for me to even attempt to clean up the trail of muddy prints so I went to work in near tears. After several hours of letting Tyson think about what he had done, I came home to this regretful face. How can a mother resist this face?

After 2 baths (one for each), I thought the dog/mud drama had ended. WRONG! Once Daniel got home from school, he gave each of them another bath since they both decided it would be fun to get muddy again!

Jackson's bath time

Tyson's bath time