Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the creation of the name for my creations

For the past few months, it seems like I have been in a super crafty mood.  However, I haven't had enough time to create all of my crafts.  sad times.

So this got me thinking....(no, I wasn't thinking about how I need more time or to make more time to create...like you think that I should be doing)...what would I name my little business?  It would have to be a "catch-all" type of a name since I don't have a specific item that I am in love to create.  A few months ago (when I thought about making doggie tutu's inspired my little Barkley) I thought of the name "Barkley's Villa".  As time has worn on, I have grown to dislike that name. 

And then it hit me...

what about "ElleBeeTee"?  Does that make sense? 
"L-B-T" = like my initials.  clever, huh?

or is there a better way to write it out.  I think it is super important that a company's name is as pretty to look at as it is to say.  comments?  thoughts?  (psst...this is your time to comment please.)

And by the way, I can make your dog (or cat) a homemade tutu (see barley's picture at right).  Just let me know if you are interested and we can discuss colors, measurements, and etc.

Friday, October 8, 2010

it runs through my veins

I believe if you could look up "Brindley" in Webster's Dictionary the definition would be a family who loves Auburn (especially football), to talk, and save every penny to the point it comes quite ridiculous.  (Oh!  and have premature gray hair.)

If this definition was real, I am truly a Brindley at heart.

Growing up, we weren't poor, but we weren't super rich either.  Sure, there were things that I would have liked to have had, but I was never deprived in the least.  Some might even consider us spoiled since we constantly got "small gifts" here and there...just like we still do today.  Those "small gifts" were always things on sale/clearance.  I grew up immediately going to the sales rack as soon as I entered a store's doors.  To this day, I find is really difficult to buy anything at full price (no matter how inexpensive it may be), hence, the reason for my coupon addiction.

When I was little, we used to visit my grandparents' (dad's parents) house in what seemed like the most extreme weather conditions.  It was either burning slap up or freezing my pa-tooties off.  And it never failed:  the temperature in their house was always just as extreme as the outside.  I never understood why my grandfather would have 2 box fans running full blast with the windows up in the middle of summer while his brand new a/c unit was turned off.  It didn't make sense to have paid so much for a nice a/c unit to only have it remained unused.  In the winter, the windows would be down (a/c off as it was all year round), but the fireplace was a-blazing.  I could never quite sit close enough to the fire to get warm enough.  Maybe if my seat was actually in the fireplace then I would have been warm. 

None of this would have been bad if we were only at their house for an hour or so, but our visits would end up being hours long...or so it seemed.  You see, my grandfather was a talker:  full-fledged talker about anything and everything especially Auburn.  I honestly think he could have held a conversation with a brick wall, because that is how much he loved to talk.  It didn't matter what the subject was; he could talk for hours on end about it, expert or not.  He always had a good heart from what I can remember of him.  He just needed someone to talk to.

As I age every day, I find myself becoming more and more like him.  Since moving out, I have found myself turning up the a/c a degree or two in the summer and layering clothes in the winter to avoid a high power bill.  I have even researched online the cheapest place to find cute brown boots so I won't overpay.  And that mission was a success:  a pair of brown knee-high boots from Rack Room Shoes sold to me for less than $20.  Can't beat that! 

And as I type this blog, I find myself becoming more and more talkative, or rather type-ative.  I don't feel like I have anything too important to say, but sometimes I just need to let all of my "talking" out.  I can't hold it in for too long or else I start talking to the dogs.  Oh wait, I already do that.  hmmm....

And I do love Auburn with all my heart.  I could probably spend an entire blog just about why I love Auburn.  See another talkative subject matter...

But do NOT get me started on the premature graying.  One of my lowest moments in life was Mamski discovering my first gray hair at 19.  ugh!  It is definitely the downfall to being Brindley...if there was a downfall.

Monday, October 4, 2010

happy 2nd anniversary to my loving husband

Two years ago today I walked down the aisle of my childhood church with only 2 hours of sleep and became Mrs. Daniel Todd.  I am not saying that I was delusional when I made this decision in the least.  I was very much aware of what was happening during the 9+ months of being engaged and planning the entire wedding.  (How exhausting!  I hope to NEVER have to plan another one of those again for...well, ever.  Unless it is my child's at least 40 years from now.)

I love you, Daniel.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

why are health resoltuions so hard to keep?

I guess you could say that I am on my 3rd attempt to lose 10 pounds since January 1st.  I started back up my working out today.  Yesterday I bought my 2nd work-out dvd since the 30 Day Shred was kicking my tail.  I ultimately gave up once I reach level 2. 

Yes, Jillian Michaels, you are hard to workout with!  I can't keep up with you no matter how short of a time it is.  With that said, it doesn't mean that I have abandoned you completely.  I just won't be seeing you every day.

My 2nd work-out dvd is a dancing dvd with Julianne Hough.  I am learning the cha-cha, jive, and paso.  And can I just say that I am completely disgusted with Julianne?  Well, I am.  There is no way that I will ever be that slinder even if I became a celebrity and did nothing but workout 24/7.  Glad that is off my chest.  Now on to my personal critics about my dancing...

Um, it's not good.  My coordination is highly lacking, but I was able to somewhat keep up with the "proper" dancesteps with the jive.  How in the world do people have their arms and legs do those things so easily?

Before I was 16, I always had a fear of not being able to drive a car since my coordination was so bad.  I even remember my mother making a statement along those lines.  Thankfully, I can drive pretty dang well so I am just hoping that I can "get the hang out of this" pretty soon.  And don't ask Daniel to show you the recording on his phone of my first dance lesson.  I am not happy about that.

I will say that I have managed to lose the 4 pounds that I gained back since the end of May so I am at net 6 since January 1.  Just those pesky 4 pounds left to lose.  C'mon, Julianne.  I am counting on your skinny ass, flat stomach, and slinder legs to melt these 4 pounds off my flabby bones.