Sunday, June 13, 2010

never say never

A lot has happened since my last blog entry.  My (work) life as I know it will forever be changed.  Starting tomorrow morning I report for duty in Tuscaloosa.  This is a place I thought I would NEVER work.  Being an Auburn graduate, I have never enjoyed going or thinking about "the armpit of Alabama" also known as Tuscaloosa.  I thought it was fairly ironic when I first started working at Valmont that I occaionsally had to visit that place for certain events considering that is the location of our concrete plants. 

When I was a sophomore in college, I remember taking a roadtrip to Tuscaloosa.  It was one of the worst weekends of my life (for more than one reason), but mainly because of having to be in the "enemy's" territory.  I vowed that weekend that I would NEVER have anything to do with that city again. 

Never say never.

With Daniella's departure to Dallas, I was offered her position....located in Tuscaloosa.  (oh my.  open mouth and insert foot.)  It was an offer that I couldn't refuse for more than one reason.  Time-wise the commute is the same, but it is more than double the miles.  That is the only (other) down side.  I will manage though.

Along with Daniella's departure which was last Thursday, Whitney said good-bye as well.  Frankly, it was hard for me to think about leaving Whitney in Birmingham, but she turned in her notice shortly after I made my decision to work in Tuscaloosa.  I wish Whitney and Daniella all the best in the future, and I will miss them greatly.

In happier news, Lisa is coming back to be the Office Manager again.  Talk about blast from the past!  I am so excited to work with her again even though we will be miles apart.  It's funny how things work out.

me, Daniella, and Whitney
June 10, 2010