Wednesday, January 21, 2009

living each day...a minute at a time

Nothing too much is happening in the Todd household. Daniel is working and schooling. Jackson is sleeping, pooping, eating, playing, and being sweet. And I am working and sleeping. Yep, the good ol' married life has kicked in and it's quite pleasant. There's no more talk and drama about when we will see each other or who will go to who's house on what day. It's nice being about to walk into a room and poof, there he is. Anyway, enough with that.

Daniel and I have discovered that we are ready for our next "big thing": buying our first house. We found one that we both really like in Alabaster. It's older...kinda reminds me of the beach house in a way (I know MOM! don't even start.) and my grandparents' house, next door to the Brewster Road house. Of course we have only driven to it at 10 o'clock at night and it was dark and scary....because I am afraid of the dark. I think it will be a good home to look at. We haven't agreed on too many others so far. I am surprised that we even agree on one. All of that may change once we see it live and in person.

For the past day, Jackson has been really done and sick with an upset stomach. It's really not that unusual for him to throw up or have an upset stomach since it happens quite often. Usually we can pinpoint what the problem is and learn to correct it in the future. This time it was different. He was acting really funny besides his tummy hurting. He seemed lost and was sniffing everyone. It got me paranoid thinking we might have a mouse or something else that he was smelling. He would start sniffing the air and then run into a room and go to a corner and start sniffing like crazy. It was freaking me out! Daniel said something tonight that made was strange, but made sense. "Do you think he is acting this way because we took his turkey away from him?" The turkey was taken away from Jackson a day or 2 ago since he was needing surgery and I didn't feel like sewing him up right away. The place wasn't bad but I wanted to make sure that he would last longer by being in the best condition he could. We decided that the turkey wasn't a hazard to Jackson and let me tell have never seen a happier dog! He is running and jumping while carrying the turkey. He loves that thing. It might just be his best friend.

Friday, January 9, 2009

is it all just a dream?

As you may or may not know, this past week has been life-changing for us...not to be selfish, but mainly me. The biggest news right now is about Josh's orders to go to Germany in the next couple of months for 2 years. Sis is still in the process of weighing the pros and cons of staying versus going. There's not a whole lot to say about this since it truly isn't my decision. All I can do it wish her the best and hopes she makes the right decision for her and Josh.

The secondary situation is that one of my co-workers is leaving. I know life is about growing up and moving on and doing what is right for yourself, but it is also a sad time. I will miss you, Lisa. Thanks for all of the laughs and tears. I know I will have a friend for life.

Other than those two drama filled situations, nothing else is really happening. Daniel and I are gearing up to on house hunting. We aren't too serious right now, but we are serious about wanting to move out of the apartment when our lease is up in July. It's exciting to think that in 6 months or so we will be true adults in owning our own house. I have waited my whole life to feel like a grown up and I have made it. The best part is that I am able to spend it with the most amazing man I have known. My life wouldn't be complete without Daniel. He basically keeps me sane and stress-free. There's never a dull moment in the Todd household. Sometimes I think we should have our own reality show. Only a few people would watch it, but it would always be entertaining.

Monday, January 5, 2009

a new year

Daniel and I survived the our first married holidays together! It got rough there for a few days, but once we got used to seeing lots and lots of people every day we were fine.

We kicked off the Christmas festivites by going to my grandparents' house on Saturday, the 20th. We only stayed for a few hours and then it was on to Mentone to spend Christmas with the Todd's (Daniel's dad's side). Jackson was able to come with us which was really nice. He was such a good boy! He played with all of the little kids...the ones at my grandparents' and at the cabin in Mentone. It made me feel good to know that Jackson can behave when taken to a "strange" house and stay with people he doesn't know.

After coming home from Mentone on Sunday, the 21st, we literally unpacked to wash clothes and repacked for Christmas at the beach. In the midst of unpacking and repacking, we had Christmas with the Cochrans and Stricklands (Daniel's mom's side) on Tuesday, the 23rd. Wednesday, the 24th we loaded the car up and headed to the beach. We stayed there until Sunday, the 28th. Trust me. It was GOOD to finally get home and sleep in our new sleep number bed.

Santa was really good to all of us this year....including Jackson. Santa brought him a lamb, duck, and a new chewy. I am pretty sure the duck is his favorite (too bad Daniel picked out the duck and not me.) Sometimes at night you can hear a duck quacking or a lamb baa-ing. so hilarious!

So with the new year came new resolutions. I have decided not to try to commit to lose weight or get in shape. Whenever I make that resolution, it never stays. If anything, I should commit to become a fattie and then watch the punds fall off. ha! Like that would EVER happen! Seriously I have made 2 resolutions: read and cook more. I am sure Daniel will (or maybe he won't) appreciate the latter. I feel bad because Daniel cooks all the time and he is a great cook too but I feel like it is my wifely duty to at least learn to cook a couple of meals....especially meals that don't come in a box. My other resolution is one that is time-consuming but something I have enjoyed a few years past. I really love reading Nicholas Sparks's books. He is definitely my favorite author. I have read 6 of his books thus far, and I bought his newest one this weekend, The Lucky One. I haven't started it yet. I want to make sure I have plenty of time to start it. Typically once I start reading it is really hard for me to stop. I think these resolutions will be beneficial ones and actually something that I can keep.