Saturday, December 6, 2014

I have a peace

With every passing day, I grow more and more anxious to meet our daughter.  We've seen pictures and videos of her smiling, eating, walking, holding a wooden block (that we think is very dear to her), and celebrating her last birthday as an orphan.  I've known her face for 7 months and been approved to be her mom for close to 6 months now.  But the wait doesn't get any easier.

The list of unknowns about our daughter outweighs by far the list of just a few knowns about her.  Being a person who always has to know what is going on and knowing every detail at all times, I would have thought that I would struggle more with the unknowns about Paisley than I actually have.

I have a peace.

People ask us all the time about Paisley.  And we LOVE to share about her.  We are proud parents for sure.  However, we don't know much about her.  Who exactly does she live with?  What does she do during the day?  Is she learning English?  What does she eat?  Does she know about y'all?  Are her nannies/foster mother preparing her for your arrival?  What size clothes does she wear?  Will they continue to cut her hair?  Are you able to communicate with her all the time?

As simple as some of those questions are, we don't know 100% the answer to those questions.  With only getting updates about her every 3 months, we are left to hope and pray that she is being cared for as she needs and is growing healthy.  In fact, that is exactly what we pray for about her every day.

"Dear God, please be with Paisley.  Help keep her safe, healthy, and grow mentally, emotionally, and physically as she needs to.  Please be with her nannies and foster mother.  Provide for them and keep them safe and bless them.  Amen."

Then I have a peace.

You see, if this was a Leslie/Daniel adoption, things would be different.  Chaos would ensue around every corner and the unknowns would take over my life and consume my thoughts.

However, I have a peace.

And what a peace it is!  We trusted God to start this journey and to take care of us.  If He is going to do that, then why would He not take care of Paisley too?  He has been with her since she was born.  He has kept her safe since the first days of her life.  He made sure that she would always be cared for and protected until her parents traveled half a world to pick her up and bring her home.  From what we have seen from her videos and pictures, her everyday physical health seems to be well.  Praise God!

And we continue to pray, because we can't afford to stop.  If we call out to God, He has promised to hear us.  He answers our prayers in His perfect timing.  Until we receive an answer, we have a peace.