Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years of change and a lifetime of never forgetting

Ten years ago today, America changed forever.  It wasn't by choice and (I like to believe even though there are conspiracies galore) no one saw it coming.  Many have given all.  What have you given?

I will always remember that day and exactly what I was doing.  I will never forget how I felt.  I encourage you to relive my 9/11 story as I told it 2 years ago.  What were you doing that day?  What have you done differently since?  Have you thanked those who have given so much in order to protect our freedom?

May we NEVER forget.  God bless America.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A-U-B. Way to be!

All of these years I believe I have been lying by saying spring is my favorite season.  uh, no.  Fall has got to be my favorite season. There is cooler weather and FOOTBALL SEASON!  Since attending an SEC school, my love of football has multiplied since I was a wee lad.  My favorite part of football season while in college was Friday afternoons.  Whether I was living in the dorm or in the apartment, the routine was always the same.  The windows were up, the tunes were on, and I was in my element cleaning the place.  Life didn't get any better than that until later that night when we got dressed up and we out.  ah, memories...

Every year I am trying to celebrate my Auburn traditions by making a craft of some sort before the season starts.  Last year it was making "AU" shirts for the Brindley girls:  Sis, Mom, and me.

Mom's shirt

Sis and my shirt

So this year I decided to try my creative painting side and make 3 Auburn paintings (one for each of the Brindley girls).  Special thanks to Mom's neighbor, Brenda, for the hardwood floor samples.  I wouldn't have been able to make this project without her!  And I must say they turned out pretty cute especially for free-hand painting each one.  I call them Auburn Aubie Art.  Take a peek...

painting for Mom and me

another view of the painting for Mom and me

painting for Sis

another view of the painting for Sis

I think Mom and Sis are currently looking for ribbon in order to add a bow.  Updates to come....

The projects didn't end there.  Not only did I make 3 paintings, but I managed to find a set of navy placemats and turned them into this...

my homemade AU placemats
(Special thanks to my husband for buying me the plates.  I love him!)

Hold on, because the crafting isn't over just yet!  Mom even got in the spirit of crafting for football season and made me this for our front door...

My very own Auburn wreath.  I LOVE it!

Stay tuned for next year's Auburn craft.  Who even knows what that will be...  And maybe Sis will get in on the crafting action.  eh, or not.

War Damn Eagle!