Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Year of Marital Bliss

After one year of marital bliss, Daniel and I celebrated our one year anniversary the first weekend in October.  I can't decide if it feels like it has been a long or speedy year.  I will have to say both for these facts: 
*Long, because I feel like I have known Daniel all my life.  We just click, and he knows me WAY better than I thought anyone much so that it's scary.
*Speedy, because it seems like yesterday we were planning the wedding.  I do NOT miss those days at all and they don't feel like they were over a year ago.

To celebrate our fantastic year, we were able to spend an evening at Ross Bridge Resort.  A HUGE thanks to Dad for babysitting Jackson and Tyson!

The view from our balcony was incredible!  Daniel REALLY wanted to play golf.  Too bad there wasn't enough time or money for that.

As part of my gift, Daniel gave me a gift certificate to the Vera Bradley store.  As soon as we got to Ross Bridge and changed clothes, we decided we had just enough time for me to spend it.  (See my new purse.)  After a quick 30 minutes at the VB store (and it was quick), we headed to The Melting Pot for dinner.  I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect, but Daniel assured me that it was great food.  I had heard how expensive it is, but never knew the food was THAT good!  It was my most incredible meal that I have had in a long time.  I certainly didn't prepare myself for just how much food we would get.  We had four courses:  #1 spinach and artichoke dip, #2 salad, #3 main meal, #4 oreo/marshmellow chocolate.  Of course everything but the salad was fonadu.

I believe the above picture was right after I thought I was going to vomit from stuffing my face.

Afterwards we headed back to the resort to watch the rest of the Auburn/Tennessee game.  Daniel popped the bubbly just like he did the year prior.

And we raised our glasses to salute our first year of marriage.  Daniel told me "Here's to one down and three more to go."  Hmm...he tries too hard to be a comedian.

Daniel sipped and I inhaled the champagne while watching the rest of the game.  I passed out during the 4th quarter after I nearly jinxed us by saying that Auburn would win their game this year as opposed to last.  (On our wedding day, Auburn lost to Vanderbilt.  It was a sad ride from the airport to the resort on our wedding night.)  When I finally woke back up Daniel asked if I had been sleeping and in my drunken state I simply replied, "sometimes".

Sunday after check out, we went to The Egg and I in Hoover.  Honestly it really wasn't all that great.  It reminded me of IHOP only a lot smaller and tighter.  We headed back home to relieve Dad of his dog duties and brought out our wedding cake.  I wasn't 100% sure just how good it was going to taste, but surprisingly it was still semi-moist.

And as Daniel said, "Here's to one down, and three more to go!"  May we have many more anniversaries to come.

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