Monday, November 9, 2009

too early?

Is it ever too early to start listening to Christmas music?  It is close to the middle of November and the temperatures are still topping the mid-60s to lower-70s during the day.  Maybe if I start listening to Christmas music while at work (like I have done today), then the weather will drop and the days will go by a little faster.  Now, there's no need for the days to start flying by since I am about a third done with Christmas shopping.  I was doing good there for a minute.  Then I had to make a decision:  do I pay the bills, or buy Christmas gifts?  Too bad for the Christmas gifts because the bills won.  (Just a hint:  the bills ALWAYS win.)

See, I am a very weird person.  I actually like paying bills.  There's nothing better than pay day and sitting down and paying the bills.  It makes me feel like a grown-up.  I haven't always had the desire to pay my own bills until I was in college.  I hated living 2 hours away and still being under the parents.  My minimun wage, 15 hour a week job couldn't come close to supporting me.  That was just enough for groceries and "fun" money.  I always told myself that I would NEVER, EVER in a MILLION years complain about having to pay for my own bills.  In fact, I welcomed it with open arms because I am an excllent manager of money.  You should ask Daniel.  I completely transformed his more ways that one.  (hehe)

I am so anxious for December to be here that I am "patiently" waiting to decorate the house.  Daniel isn't too keen on decorating before we leave for the beach for Thanksgiving, but I am slowly talking him into it.  I think it would really help and make me feel good to at least have the inside decorated (or mostly decorated) before our trip.  Sis and I have done that many times in the past.  Sis, remember that one year when we didn't tell Dad that we were decorating the house before the beach trip and he came back from T'giving with the house completely decorated?  aww, that was fun.

So no objections to my Christmas decorating/listening to Christmas music idea?  okay, good.  Then that settles it.  Novemeber 9th is not too early.

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